Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Q: Where is Rullan Apartelle?

    A: Rullan Apartelle is located in Poblacion Anda, Pangasinan. It is 36 km/22.4 mi or about 43 minutes drive based on the usual traffic from Alaminos City Hall. Click here to see the map.

See Google Maps for directions

2. Q: How far is Rullan Apartelle from Patar Beach, Bolinao?

     A: Rullan Apartelle is 36 km/22.4 mi or about 43 minutes drive based on the usual traffic from Patar Beach, Bolinao.

See Google Maps for directions

3. Q: How far is Rullan Apartelle from Hundred Islands National Park?

    A: Rullan Apartelle is 41 km/25.5 mi or about 54 minutes drive based on the usual traffic from Lucap Wharf, Alaminos City where the boat rentals are located for Hundred Islands destination. From Lucap Wharf to Hundred Islands is another 15 minutes boat ride. 


There is an alternate route to Hundred Islands from Rullan Apartelle which is way closer than going all the way to Lucap Wharf, Alaminos City. This alternate route will take you to barangay Tori-tori which is only 10 km/6.2 mi or about 18 minutes drive based on the usual traffic then another 15 minutes boat ride to Hundred Islands.

See Google Maps for directions

4. Q: How far is Rullan Apartelle from Bolinao Falls I & II?

    A: Rullan Apartelle is 15 km/9.3 mi or about 31 minutes drive based on the usual traffic from Bolinao Falls I and 16 km/9.9 mi or about 35 minutes drive to Bolinao Falls II.

See Google Maps for directions

5. Q: Is there a nearby beach from your apartment?

    A: Yes, the nearest beach from our apartment is called "Tondol  Beach" also known as "Little Boracay of the North". We are 9.1 km/5.7 mi or about 15 minutes drive based on the usual traffic to Tondol Beach.

See Google Maps for directons

6. Q: How do I pay for my reservation or deposit?

    A: If you make your reservation directly from our official website at, the site will take you automatically to Paypal secure site at the end of your reservation process. If you made your reservation through or, you can make your payment by clicking here or going to this website

7. Q: I do not have a Paypal account, can I use my credit or debit card to pay for my reservation?

    A: You do not need a Paypal account to pay for your reservation. Click here then follow step #4, this process will let you pay without a Paypal account.

8. Q: How much is the room charge per night?

    A: Our rates are listed below. Additional charge for extra Guest is Php 336.00 per person per night.

9. Q: Do I have to pay for my extra Guest?

    A: Yes. If you have extra Guest, we collect additional charge upon check-in. When making a reservation, please make sure to indicate the number of adults as well as the number of children when prompted. If you should have any concerns, please contact us directly.

10. Q: Do you have a BBQ grill?

     A: Yes, we have a BBQ grill that you can use during your stay.

11. Q: Can we cook in your apartment?

      A: Yes, you can cook in our apartment. All of our units are equipped with basic cooking appliances and utensils.

12. Q: Can I bring my dog? or Do you allow Pets?

      A: No, Pets are not allowed in any area inside the apartment, including guest rooms.

13. Q: Do you offer sightseeing tours or activities?

       A: No.

14: Q: Do you have a laundry facility?

      A: No.

15: Q: Do you have a restaurant at your hotel?

      A: No. However, there are few local restaurants in public market nearby our place. If you are interested, you can also cook your own food in our place. Basic cooking appliances and utensils are provided on every unit at Rullan Apartelle. Don't know what to cook? Click here to see popular recipes. For cooking videos, you may visit the GetRecipe youtube channel by clicking it here.

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