Nearby Attractions

Anda Public Market

Anda public market is walking distance from Rullan Apartelle. You can find street vendors, family style restaurants, and sari-sari stores in the area. Our guests usually walk and explore the market while buying food and drinks. There is one chain store "Chooks-To-Go" if you want roasted chicken! If you get lost finding the place, just ask the first person you see and she or he will point you to the right direction.

Things To Do

1. Explore the market and see what they have

2. Buy food items & drinks

3. Find restaurants to dine in

4. Meet local people

5. Hire public transportation if you don't have a vehicle

How To Get There

1. You can actually walk from Rullan Apartelle to the market. It takes about 5 minutes if you decide to walk. 

2. Take a tricycle if available. If you decide to ride a tricycle, it takes about 2 minutes from our place to the market. The cost for the tricycle ride with 1-4 passengers should be around 30 pesos.

3. Drive your own vehicle. You can park anywhere you see an open space as long as you don't see a "No Parking" sign, you should be good.

Tondol White Sand Beach

Tondol beach is also known as "little boracay of the north". This place is located at the northern tip of Anda; 9.1 kilometers or 5.7 miles; approximately 15 minutes drive from Rullan Apartelle. Good place for family with kids. The shore has a long stretched white powdery sand beach. The water is waist high so kids are definitely safe here.  

Things To Do

1. Swim with family and friends

2. Enjoy, relax and unwind

3. Watch the sunset or sunrise. Take pictures

4. Explore the beach and surrounding areas

5. See star fish or small sea creatures on the sand crawling! 

How To Get There

With Transportation:

1. From Rullan Apartelle, turn right onto Poblacion-Awag road towards Anda public market.

2. Before reaching the market, turn left towards Anda Municipal road.

3. Continue onto Anda Municipal road. 

4. Follow signs posted on the side of the road for Tondol beach until you reach your destination. 

Without Transportation:

1. Take a tricycle (if available) that are passing through our apartment. If not, get one from the public market.

2. Notify the tricycle driver that you are going to "Tondol beach". 

3. Negotiate your fare "To" and "From" Tondol beach. Usual cost is PHP 120.00 per ride--one way. Set the estimated time for your pick-up. 

4. Enjoy the 15-minute ride to Tondol beach.

Patar Beach

Patar Beach is 36 kilometers or 22.4 miles from Rullan Apartelle; About 45 minutes drive based on the usual traffic. Good place to swim during high tide and fun to explore during low tide. The sand is fine and the water is crystal clear. Quiet and safe place to visit. 

Hundred Islands National Park

Enchanted Cave

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Bolinao Falls I

Bolinao Falls II

Tara Falls

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